The U.S. Army will have to dramatically change its timeframes to deal with drones, study says

Can the U.S. Military Combat the Coming Swarm of Weaponized Drones?

by Charles Q Choi
FROM IEEE Spectrum
To counter the threats posed by small drones, the U.S. military may have to rapidly step up its R&D timeframes, according to a new report commissioned by the U.S. Army.

Small unmanned aircraft sys ...[READ]

– at five times the speed of sound

Get ready for the era of hypersonic flight –

by Samantha Masunaga
FROM Los Angeles Times
Tens of billions of dollars could be spent on hypersonics contracts between 2020 and 2035 … That could be a boon for Southern California ...[READ]

He gave the rich a tax cut – and now the president’s budget takes aim at the poor

17 WTF Items From Donald Trump’s Budget

by Tim Dickinson
FROM Rolling Stone
Donald Trump has unveiled his budget for next year – a document no one expects to become law, but which signals the president’s moral and financial priorities. “This is a messaging d ...[READ]

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