What will the new year bring?

15 top science & tech leaders offer surprising predictions for 2018

by David Freeman,Denise Chow,Prachi Bhardwaj
The past year has been a momentous one for science and technology. From the detection of gravitational waves (predicted almost a century ago by Einstein) to the rise of virtual currencies like Bitcoin ...[READ]

Robert Mueller Jumps Onto the Trump Money Trail

by John Cassidy
FROM The New Yorker
Do the Russians have something on Donald Trump? The question has been asked since the early days of Trump’s Presidential campaign, in an attempt to make sense of his vocal admiration for Vladimi ...[READ]

New York City’s fate tied to Antarctic ice, climate scientists warn

by Chris Mooney
FROM Washington Post
New York City’s ability to withstand hurricanes could hinge on the state of the Antarctic ice sheet some 8,000 miles away, according to a study published Monday.

Using computer projections t ...[READ]

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