Light-filtering paint cools your home when exposed to hot sun

by Sandrine Ceurstemont
FROM New Scientist
The sun itself could soon become a low-cost air conditioner. A high-tech paint that actually cools when exposed to sunlight can provide a better way to chill buildings  and perhaps even solve the lon ...[READ]

Robotic Farm Completes 1st Fully Autonomous Harvest

by Tereza Pultarova
FROM Live Science
It’s harvest season in many parts of the world, but on one farm in the United Kingdom, robots – not humans – are doing all the heavy lifting.

At Hands Free Hectare, an experiment ...[READ]

Donald Trump’s War Doctrine Débuts, at the U.N.

by Robin Wright
FROM The New Yorker
On Tuesday, Donald Trump made his début on the world stage – on the same elegant green-marble dais, donated by Italy after the Second World War, that he had mocked in a 2012 tweet as ugly ...[READ]

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