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17 WTF Items From Donald Trump’s Budget
He gave the rich a tax cut – and now the president’s budget takes aim at the poor

Tim Dickinson - Wed 2/14/2018 FROM Rolling Stone

... and they have a plan.

Megan Molteni - Wed 2/14/2018 FROM Wired magazine

The Arctic is full of toxic mercury
... and climate change is going to release it

Chris Mooney - Wed 2/7/2018 FROM Washington Post

15 top science & tech leaders offer surprising predictions for 2018
What will the new year bring?

David Freeman,Denise Chow,Prachi Bhardwaj - Wed 1/3/2018 FROM NBC News

So What if We’re Doomed?
Climate chaos, mass extinction, the collapse of civilization: A guide to facing the ecocide.
Brian Calvert - Wed 12/27/2017 FROM High Country News

The Coolest Scientific Discoveries of 2017

Ryan F Mandelbaum - Wed 12/13/2017 FROM Gizmodo

Robert Mueller Jumps Onto the Trump Money Trail

John Cassidy - Thu 12/7/2017 FROM The New Yorker

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy
Will Carry a Tesla Roadster on Its First Trip Toward Mars

David Z Morris - Mon 12/4/2017 FROM Fortune

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s claim

that the U.S. is ‘leading the world’ in C02 footprint reductions
Nicole Lewis - Thu 10/26/2017 FROM Washington Post

New York City’s fate tied to Antarctic ice, climate scientists warn

Chris Mooney - Thu 10/26/2017 FROM Washington Post

When the Larsen C ice shelf broke, it exposed a hidden world
Science teams are racing to Antarctica to assess ice, seafloor ecosystems

Carolyn Gramling - Wed 10/18/2017 FROM Science News

Light-filtering paint cools your home when exposed to hot sun

Sandrine Ceurstemont - Sat 10/14/2017 FROM New Scientist

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